Continued learning, every single day: this is the trademark of a good lawyer or civil law notary. This comes through work experience and through courses and training; not only in legal matters, but also – and especially – on a personal level. We are happy to contribute to your development through a student internship or a legal assistantship.

Professional development

At Stibbe, we cherish talent and attach great value to training. This is how we guarantee the quality of our services. That's why we will give you plenty of room to grow. Through education and training, you will develop the knowledge and insights needed to work at the highest possible level.

Junior Employee Training

As a junior employee, we will train you to become a fully-fledged lawyer or civil law notary. The learning process will instruct you in the highest levels of legal education. At the start of your internship, you will participate in the Junior Employee Training. You will receive training that focuses on knowledge and personal skills.

Professional Training for Lawyers / Law Firm School

As a junior employee, you will, of course, take part in the Professional Training for Lawyers. You will also follow part of your education at the Law Firm School (LFS). The LFS provides additional courses, which are only mandatory for interns from LFS offices. This creates an even better connection with practice in the Netherlands and abroad.

Working at our London or New York office

Stibbe offers you opportunities to work at our offices in Brussels, London or New York at a later stage in your career. Many of our lawyers and civil law notaries have taken advantage of these opportunities. The standard period is eighteen months, but we often find that employees stay on for longer. It's a unique experience!

Client secondment

To get to know our clients even better, we arrange client secondments during which you will work in-house for a while as a legal adviser. After this period, your relationship with the client is deepened, making the collaboration even more effective. It's a win-win scenario!

International law firm secondment

In addition to our own international offices, we have partnerships with other high-end international firms. We offer secondments with 'friendly' foreign law firms. You will be seconded there for several months (up to a year) and collaborate on their cases. It's a very educational experience!

Doctoral degree

You won't be the first! If you have ambitions for a doctoral degree, you are no exception here at Stibbe. In consultation with you, we will try to give you all the time and space you need. If you want to talk to someone who's gone before you, please let us know.


Starting in their fifth year, every Stibbe employee takes part in the INSEAD programme, specially designed for Stibbe, at the INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau in France. The idea for this programme arose from the conviction that excellent legal expertise alone is not enough to deliver added value to our clients. The INSEAD programme focuses on corporate finance, strategy and the development of personal skills such as leadership, negotiation and cooperation.

Personal development

Your professional and personal well-being is important to us. That's why we like to monitor your development. What is going well, and where is room for improvement? What is your ambition, and how can you make it happen? We have initiatives such as MBTI and Your Stib that contribute to your well-being and development.

Personal leadership

The Personal Leadership Course focuses on personal development and growth. The dynamics of today demand extra attention for the strengthening of personal power and the promotion of engagement.


Working at Stibbe can be hectic. Your Stib is our vitality program, focusing on lifestyle, balance and energy through presentations, workshops and mindfulness sessions. On every floor you will find fresh fruit each day, water taps, standing desks and desk bikes. We also organise all kinds of sports clinics - not to mention our skiing weekend!

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