At Stibbe, you will work together with fellow professionals in an internationally-oriented firm. From our head office in Amsterdam, you will handle highly complex legal cases, both domestic and international.


David Stibbe founded our office in the historic centre of Amsterdam over 100 years ago. We are now based in the southern part of the city and have offices in Brussels, Luxembourg, London and New York. Our Amsterdam office employs 400 people, including over 200 lawyers and civil law notaries working on challenging, complex cases.

High-profile and complex cases

We mainly represent the interests of large international corporations

and government institutions. This involves complex legal challenges,

both domestically and internationally. We often work behind the scenes

in multidisciplinary teams, as well as in the spotlight of publicity.

Please visit for an overview of recent cases.


Stibbe devotes a great deal of attention to innovation and what new developments can contribute to our own work processes and the advice we provide to our clients. Our Innovation Group investigates how new technologies may influence our current work processes in the future. We experiment, test new ways of working, and learn every day.

Pro bono

In addition to our daily activities, we provide (virtually) free-of-charge legal assistance in cases with profound social significance or concerning a fundamental legal principle. Please refer to for an overview of recent pro bono cases.


At Stibbe, corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance.

  • Our building holds a BREEAM Excellent Quality certificate. We do not use gas and the building has a thermal energy storage installation; the offices have sensors that reduce the use of cooling, heating and lighting. Our roof is also environmentally friendly.
  • We invest in wind turbines so that our footprint can be offset, making Stibbe CO₂ neutral.
  • Our parking policy encourages employees to use public transport. We also have ten office bikes and a hybrid company car.
  • Materials are reused wherever possible. Old office bikes have been resold and the collected amount has been spent on charity. Waste is recycled wherever possible.
  • We do not use plastic in our coffee bar and restaurant.
  • We are always looking for talented people to provide clients with high-quality legal advice. To ensure we attract and nurture this talent, we strive to create a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture in all our offices.

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